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Captain Nemo


Bogdan Gajkowski studied English Literature at The University of Warsaw. 

His debut single "Children Of Music" (Dzieci muzyki) and "There Will Be Sunday" 

(Będzie niedziela), was released under his original name. After that, he started 

the group Magic Machine, which was the first Polish soul band. In 1981 he wrote songs 

"Diamonds" (Brylanty) and "Nothing In Truth" (Nic naprawdę) fo the album "Systems" (Uklady) 

of Izabela Trojanowska. Both numbers were hit songs.

As Kapitan Nemo, he released his first single record "Electronic Civilisation" (Elektroniczna 

cywilizacja) and "No Use To Talk About It" (Po co mówić o tym) in 1983. "Electronic 

Civilisation" become a great hit, coming to the first place of Polskie Radio Program 1 Chart.

The next single record was "Sweet Word" (Słodkie słowo) and "S.O.S. For The Planet"

(S.O.S. dla Planety). The music of Kapitan Nemo, was made in synth pop style 

and the artist himself was presumed the precursor of Polish 

New Romantic style. The great success at that time was for him the single record 

"Your Lorelei" (Twoja Lorelei) and "Cold Cinema" (Zimne kino) in 1984. Both numbers were

hit songs of that year and became the flagship position of his concerts.

The first album of Kapitan Nemo was released in 1986 by Tonpress and was entitled 

"Kapitan Nemo". The first single from that album was "Bar Paradise". The album gave

such hit songs as "Videonarcomania" (Wideonarkomania), "Loneliness Is Like The Close

River Bank" (Samotność jest jak bliski brzeg).

Three years later, the album "In A Little While" (Jeszcze tylko chwila) was released 

by Polskie Nagrania "Muza". It was recorded in Polish and English versions.

Two songs from that album: "Like A Moth Enchanted" (Idę wciąż do Ciebie) 

and "In A Little While" (Jeszcze tylko chwila), were visible on different charts.

In 1992 Kapitan Nemo stopped playing concerts and started to write film and commercial

music. Only at the end of the 90's, he showed his new song "How Delicate" (Jacy delikatni)

and at the same time, Sonic Records released "The Best Of Kapitan Nemo".

In 2002 Kapitan Nemo came back to the stage with his new album "Imagination" 

(Wyobraźnia) – BooGie Records, preceded by the singles "What Are You Waiting For" (Na co czekasz) 

and "You Are Stealing My Dreams" ("You Are Carrying Away My Dreams") (Zabierasz moje

sny). That album was recorded i the electro rock style and had great reception.

In 2005 the album "The Best - Civilisation" (The Best - Cywilizacja) was released 

and in 2014 in Golden Collection series - "Kapitan Nemo - Your Lorelei" 

(Kapitan Nemo - Twoja Lorelei).

For the last few years, Kapitan Nemo Works with the same crew, which is one of the best rock bands in Poland.